bee removal sacramento

bee removal sacramentoWe serve most counties throughout Sacramento. We have the solutions for your recurring bee problems, honey bee removal,
bee control, bee rescue, and removing nuisance bees from homes and businesses.
We are local beekeepers who specialize in the removal of unwanted bee and honey bee swarms, hives, colonies, etc.

Most pest control agencies or exterminators will use very harsh chemicals that require special licensing to employ. These place your children and your pets at risk. Choosing us as your bee removal expects means that your job can be done 100% organically without the use of harsh chemicals. By removing the entire nest, to include the Queen and all the babies, we minimize or completely negate the need for such chemicals. As bee removal experts we understand the biology of bees enough to disrupt their reproductive cycle and prevent them from returning. A bee removal should NEVER place your family or pets at risk and we will ALWAYS treat your house and property as if it were our own. Please consider us The Bee Shepherds for all of your Sacramento , Elk Grove bee removal needs.

We can perform any bee removal humanely. We will always perform a live bee removal of honey bees as our mission statement dedicates us to the preservation of honey bees. Upon request, we can also perform live removal of yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets if it violates your religious beliefs to kill them or if it is simply your preference.

We are 100% Guaranteed
All calls are Returned 10 – 15 minutes
916 747 9657 EARNEST
OR 916 470 1080 LEE

bee removal sacramento


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