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I thought I’d create my own version of the Kotton Grammer Reviews out there to show my appreciation for Kotton Grammer. It’s very clear that Kotton has changed many lives, including my own. Let me explain.

A couple of years ago, I found myself between a rock and a hard place. After 5 years of marriage, my wife left with my son and used the state to take a boat load of money. We had just made $34k in profit from selling some rental property. Within a few months, I found myself $20k in debt and drowning. I was shelling out almost half of my net income to her. I had CPS at my door with a report of false allegations. I had no support. I had to figure this out on my own.

I was working a job with a crew shift schedule that flipped from day shifts to night shifts every few days. On my off days, I had my son (thank God). But as a single dad with a toddler, I realized that getting a second job just wasnt an option. I managed to get some manual labor side work here and there. But again, personal time without my son is scarce and he simply cant be present while Im doing some of that stuff.

So I went online to see what I could do for some extra income. I began taking courses, learning about everything from affiliate marketing to web design, article writing, copyrighting, paid advertising, graphic design, video marketing, and SEO. It turns out that all of these things and more come together in the big picture of digital marketing. While trying everything out, I found myself spreading out too thin and not really getting anywhere. Lesson learned. Dont do that.

Eventually, I discovered Kotton Grammer via OMG Machines.
Fast forward to today and I’m joining the ranks of the Kotton Grammer Testimonials.
When I joined OMG and began learning from Kotton, everything changed.

Watch this video to find out how



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